Meet the Eve Mesh Body!

Mesh Body Addicts

Eve maai farah wow poly gg argrace hiirari

I know what you’re thinking – I have a mesh body addiction, and to be honest if they had meetings for Mesh Body addictions, I should probably be at one (or you know, running it). I can’t help myself – that’s how much I am loving this mesh body revolution! The days of mesh butts, mesh breasts, mesh hands, mesh feet, mesh heads…. they’re culminating into the Mesh Body phenomenon, which is not only much cheaper (comparitively to purchasing a seperate butt, breasts, hands and feet pack) but they’re so much more seamless!

That brings me to Eve. There are two primary things I love about this mesh body:

  1. t comes in ‘slim’ and ‘pulpy’ versions. Translation? There’s a slim fitted mesh body, and a chunkier fitted mesh body version; and
  2. It works with Omega Appliers! ❤

Now I am not a fan of tiny waisted, huge breasted and huge…

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