EVE’olution head mesh

I’m happy to present you the new Head for EVE her name is EVE’olution head

yes she blink eyes :))))

she have 3 skin base in 6 tone and 3 Eyebrow  ,8 hair-bases, 7 Eyeliner, 10 Eye shadow, 10 lipstick, 6 Eyelashes, all are Tintable 😉  she is compatible with EVE kit-skin and omega

This is a beta version i hope purpose amazing new option soon 😉

EVE’olution Head mesh are already Released at EVE shop
And she is at 50% OFF for beta time “Update for life”

EVE-olution Head-#1

EVE-olution Head-#3

EVE-olution Head-#2


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maddy says:

    Thank you for visiting Eclectica for your photo shoot for the new mesh head Ginger.
    See you again soon
    Maddy xx


  2. Isobelle Dumont says:

    What Skin and Hair is that ? They are wonderful 🙂


  3. Tracy Nichols says:

    Will there be an update soon? I’d love to have expessions ☺


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