Belly’EVE — Eve’s pregnant

I’m really Happy to present you the new Belly’EVE
it’s a nice Pregnant belly adapted for EVE slim and Pulpy

It’s really easy to use 🙂
You must have EVE mesh body Slim or pulpy
Now just Add the Belly’EVE

You can change the texture skin with the HUD of EVE or any applier skin official EVE or Omega!
if you want apply a skin from Omega applier you must activate your Belly’EVE  like you have doing the first time for your EVE body 🙂

The Belly’EVE have also layer  Tattoo, underwear and Fashion and you can control all from the Hud of EVE body 🙂


This add-on come with one dress

Belly-EVE-Mina dress #1

I hope you Enjoy this new add-one for EVE mesh body and if you want encourage me to doing all time better for you, a little review on marketplace for EVE product are welcome :)))

The Belly’EVE will be released this weekend 🙂 08/15/2015

logo BellyEVE

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