ADAM mesh head update

Hello 🙂 i send actually the last update of the ADAM mesh head ( for any problem of delivery, remember you have a redelivery terminal at shop)


Fixed on the V1.4 Bento?:

– New Eyelashes texture on the hud
– Better placement of the Eyelashes
– Update of Head skin “A”
– Update of Body skin “A”
– Add a Hud of animation

For use the Bento version (you must have a Bento viewer to use it)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. AlasdairMagic says:

    Finally got my Bento head reshaped and looking like my avatar and looking forward to the animations, most of my friends are impressed with the look. Thanks


  2. boyd says:

    hi. thank you for updating this amazing expression hud. can i know how to make it showing the teeth?


    1. boyd says:

      sorry i just find it, it’s in the folder ……


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