Buy in Game

My Creation 10% oFF in world a main-store

I decided never buy on the marketplace anymore!
I would go in world to main-shops of creators
I am not a sheep!
AND YOU ???!!!

J’ai décidé de ne plus acheter sur le marché!
J’irais dans le monde dans les principaux magasins de créateurs
Je ne suis pas un mouton!
ET VOUS ???!!!



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  1. I have always attempted to buy in-world whenever possible, for several reasons:
    1-I get to see the whole range of products
    2-I better support the seller
    I take strong exception to your use of “In-Game” in the title. This is not some trivial issue! We suffered through a CEO (Mark Kingdon?) with that attitude and the world began to fall apart.
    I also applaud the stand you are taking, in spite of it being a TOS violation. An alternative might be to only sell demos on MP.

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    1. THX, propose only demo on the marketplace is what I will do for my future creation ^^
      and are you serious with TOS!, you have XXXX seller puprose DAZ or Turbos skuid ETC… where is the TOS for that shit?
      (FR: mais lol)

      and “In-Game” it’s a (Mark Kingdon!) what is kingdon? lolol durex it’is one yes! (FR: mais lol)


      1. I am not sure that restriction still applies, I could not find anything in MP rules, so try it, or ask a Linden. I do know that used to be the rule


  2. to breathe? it’s one has the right? it’s in the rules?


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