I’m so Happy to present you My Joker
Mesh Full fashion and head Bento for Second life
two models in the box the Joker & Arthur Flec

[✔] Rigged mesh
[✔] Full Bento
[✔] two head models
[✔] 100 % creation Original
[✔] two Body “fashion” (Joker Full fashion & Arthur full fashion)
[✔] hair (Joker model + Arthur model)
[✔] Eyes
[✔] hands Bento
[✔] Shoes
[✔] paper bag (items giver + 6 items)
[✔] High Definition
[✔] Material ready
[✔] Copy/Modify ( Only the mesh are Copy/Modify Not the Script)
[✔] 3 skin head + one skin body applier ADAM + 1 skin BOM for other body

One Comment Add yours

  1. LADYBLANCE says:

    That’s so amazing and looks so very much like Joker from the movie. Great job ❤


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