Complet Mesh body & head

► Bento body head & hands
► Alpha
► optimization of the complexity avatar “3500”
► optimization script
► Compatible with any bento animation
► foot shape (slink compatible )
► 7 skin base (no applier for this model)
► Color system optimized for the make-up
► BOM “BakeOnMesh” to create tattoo make-up (lips eye-shadow eyebrow and blush)
► Fashion include (Mesh Dress underwear, shoes, jewelry and more)
► Eyes include with 14 textures + Bom option
► 2 eyelashes sizes
► 16 eueshadows
► 16 lipsticks
► Blush
► 6 EyeBrows
► 8 nails colors & toenail
► PSD UV Photoshop include to create your own make-Up (Attention not for Skin)
► For jewelry, she have hands VISTA compatible
► And much More………..

Found this full avatar on the marketplace and in Game

Create your own make-up and upload your kit PSD free here:

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