Edition special Mesh body Androgynous
( based on the EVE slim ) BENTO



=> Found on Market place — TAXI — <=

welcome in EVE adventure 😉
fitted mesh 100% rigged Complete avatar and Bento

EVEboy FullBox
1 Complete body ( Slim version)
– Shoes from pixelfashion offer 😉
Fashion mesh (2 shirt- 1 jeans- 1 leggings)

1 Hud for customize fashion
1 Hud for customize EVE
1 shape for example.”but you can create your own shape
2 skins in 6 tones
3 Foot pose
260 Alpha
System save alpha
NEW the wardrobe system

OMEGA Compatible (you need the Absolut-creation omega kit “EVE version”

NEW Mesh Head




NEW Head mesh & teeth mesh prim
– 2 Head mesh ( one mouth close & one mouth open )
– 2 Mesh teeth
– alpha layers
– Hud to resize and move teeth for better result
**The teeth are compatible with Classic avatar Second life too

Compatible EVE Mesh body
Compatible Hud make up EVE
Compatible Skin applier EVE


AND one version SL face:

EVE-teeth-SL-face vesion 2
teeth mesh prim
includes three alpha layers & Hud to resize and move teeth for better result
**This is a version for Classic avatar Second life
**Compatible EVE MEsh body with SL face or complet avi SL


EVE-teeth-SL-face vesion 3