BOM Requires a BakeOnMesh viewer.

HUD BOM EVE is made for the EVE mesh body. (this Hud activate the body not the head for now “EVE head coming soon”)
This BOM HUD working also for EVEboy not on ADAM
You can use it to try the Bakes on Mesh (BoM)
It does not use Omega, so you do not need the Omega Relay to use it.
This is not an update to the EVE body, it’s just a tool to let you see what the new BOM feature
This HUD will only work for skins, tattoos and clothing wearables. It will not work for alpha layers. (For alpha, you need use the EVE HUD.)
I recommend you to use this BOM Hud on a copy of your EVE mesh body

and please keep cool you can have some texture break on finger and toe because SL UV have not really Toe place to adapt on our mesh feet

How to use:
1- do a copy of your body ^^
2-Remove your alpha Body wearable.
3-wear the Hud BOM EVE
4-and click on the button BOM skin Layer to activate BOM (or Bom underwear layer or Bom fashion layer) not needed to activate all but just one!

5-After you have activated the BOM on the Mesh body the hud BOM EVE are not needed anymore!
you can detach it and send all skin tattoo or fashion you want.
!!!This is like an applier not a relay!!!

My Hud BOM activate the BakeOnMesh on your EVE skin layer (so do not use after this activation the Skin applier in the EVE Hud!
(The skin tones on the EVE hud do not affect you SL skin baked on Mesh)

if you have send an applier Skin by mistake just activate again the HUD EVE BOM!
i give you also the possibility to activate the BakeOnMesh on the layer underwear or Fashion layer if you need (for this option do not activate the Bom skin layer just activate the layer you want “like the fashion layer” this is a good way if you don’t want have big 😉

To learn more about Bakes On Mesh visit:

Have fun cordially

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Also for ADAM

bom ADAM bodyBOM ADAM head


It’s with a great pleasure I present you a
a Nice collection Of Sneakers
for EVE-ADAM-Maytreya-Slink-Signature
Only one Exemplar
Limited edition to 1 exemplar
there only one model for the whole second life


You can found this collection on Marketplace ATTENTION it’s a Limited to one Exemplar by model




ADAM short UndressME

For ADULT ^^

Fashion for ADAM & Signature Gianni mesh body only !

This outfit Have a system Undress me

I hope you appreciate. I invite you to help me with a small review, this is the best way to encourage me to making all time better for you – thank you by advance –


Developer Kit Blender EVE & ADAM

Now you can found the Blender Developer Kit for EVE & ADAM on the market place

Attention all Kit are under copyright  ( this is not for newbies 🙂



“EVE & ADAM mesh developer”.

with purchase this kit you are registered in the listing of Designers and you accept for non-disclosure agreement and agreement on the terms of the copyright of partnership with “EVE & ADAM mesh body”

you have read and accept the following terms and conditions:

Copyright © 2014 Ginger Chevalier for EVE & ADAM mesh body All rights reserved. No part of this file may not be reproduced without the written consent of the author.

To use correctly the file, you must know and use AVASTAR from Machimatrix

You must know Blender 2.70++ and fitted rigging
(I’M so sorry but I can’t teach you I have not time for this …)

© Absolut Creation By Ginger Chevalier



ADAM update V2.1

I currently Send to all of you and update of ADAM mesh body V2.1
Don’t worry this update can taking two or tree day to coming to you. (a really important number of box must be send)
please do not contact me for i send you one, I invite you to be patient or use the redelivery terminal

What new in the V2.1:

  •  Now you have two Body 🙂 The Adam original and one with Chest Slim
  • New Skin Body
  • Complexity optimization
  • Optimization UV in Fashion layer
  • And some debug of Script

You Know, I do all my best and I want Always give you more.
I invite you, if is not done, to take a short time for a small review on marketplace.
this is the best way to encourage me to work even more for you.
If you want more products, I invite you to contact your favorite Creators and require them products for EVE & ADAM

ADAM marketplace

EVE marketplace

ADAM and EVE - heart.jpg

Ginger RezDay 12

Welcome to the Ginger RezDay ’12 years SL”

On the 12 January 2019 at Absolut Creaton
12h30 PM SLT (21h30 FR)

Many gifts From Ayiky Takakura, Jean of MarinaBay And Ginger Chevalier 🙂

and the EVE Mesh body for FREE ( EVErybody Version)


Smiley T-shirt

T-Shirt Smiley

For EVE & Maitreya mesh body

Or ADAM & Signature Gianni Mesh body

T-shirt & Hud to configure the t-shirt in 22 color and 84 Emoji

Create your message as you like on your T-shirt 🙂