Add-on for Shoulder and Ankles

Shoulder replacer  + Ankles Block:

I’m happy to purpose you the small add-on to replace shoulders
This is essentially for the EVE slim version 🙂 (pulpy do not really need)

You can choose the replacer you prefer (1 small or 2 more impotent )
It’s simple to use (just wear it ( for do not loose something click right on the item in your inventory and choose ADD)

I have include a Ankles block for a better result for the look of ankles

I hope you enjoy this small add-on.

you can found at EVE shop and on market place.



You need just the Ankles blocker ? no problem you can found  at shop in game and marketplace  🙂



About omega for EVE V9


If you already have a system omega you just need a redelivery

the name of the kit have changed now the name are : Kit Absolut Creation

If you have not Omega you need buy one on marketplace

The system have changed you need wear the kit in the same time  you send the applier (have look to the video) and verify if you have activat you layer in the EVE hud 🙂

The system have changed, you need wear the kit in the same time  you send the applier (have look to the video) and verify if you have activat you layer in the EVE hud 🙂

If your texture do not appear, just go to the lauer tab in the EVE hud and activat desactivat all layer and play with blending masing button like this you run all layer this tip fix in generality the problem 🙂
for other applier do not working click on your omega kit and in the blue menu choose Debug

you need omega relay? it’s HERE

V9 What new

EVE V9 will be released this weekend 🙂

Have a look of the video to see more:

What new in the => V9 <=
Bento hands
Poses hands
Animation hands
Save preset hand poses
over 260 Alpha
Alpha for the heart
optimization of the complexity avatar approximately 5000 🙂
optimization script
New pussy option
now you can delete you script body
Compatible with any bento animation

and more 🙂


EVE V9 updated soon

EVE V9 coming SOON…


You know I working from a long time now on the new EVE version. Actually the mesh are done just I waiting the final script and final debug.

I can’t give you a date just because RL some time are capricious with us 🙂 but don’t worry I do my best.

The EVE V9 are totally new (she have same shape) but I have totally reworking the topology to give you more alpha 🙂

So the V9 coming with more Alpha and Bento Hand + pose hand & animation ( I have do my best too to corrected the  shoulders 🙂  New neck joint system and some other option ( Ho!! and a new nice pussy  🙂 And some new fun surprises ……

I update in the same time the Belly’EVE and the Adaptive-feet ( middle high and new pointy )

  • Don’t worry If you already Have the EVE 8.4 or previous version, you reserved automatically for free the new V9