New Fashion for EVE

I’m really happy to present you the new fashion collection for EVE

New Fullperm

I’m Happy to present you some new Fullperm Mesh fashion for EVE & ADAM


Found at the fullperm-shop in game:

And on the Market place:

Add-on for Shoulder and Ankles

Shoulder replacer  + Ankles Block:

I’m happy to purpose you the small add-on to replace shoulders
This is essentially for the EVE slim version 🙂 (pulpy do not really need)

You can choose the replacer you prefer (1 small or 2 more impotent )
It’s simple to use (just wear it ( for do not loose something click right on the item in your inventory and choose ADD)

I have include a Ankles block for a better result for the look of ankles

I hope you enjoy this small add-on.

you can found at EVE shop and on market place.



You need just the Ankles blocker ? no problem you can found  at shop in game and marketplace  🙂