EVEolution Chris Androgynous

EVEolution Chris Androgynous style This is a special model For EVE & EVEboy Androgyn Skin Chris include i 6 tones (with Eyebrow an without ) + 2 other skins classique of EVE BOM / BENTO / OMEGA / EVE Applier  

Dia de los muertos

New applier Make-up For EVE Catwa and Omega   Found at EVE shop and marketplace *

4 New Skins for EVE

I present you 4 new skins for EVE  (this new collection are also proposed for the Catwa mesh head )

New Skins space for EVE

I’m happy to present you the new space of Skin at EVE shop Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Absolut%20Creation/121/248/33 you can found: – 4 skins body to according tones of skin / DeeTalez / TheSkinnery / It Girls / YS&YS -one new skin compatible EVE and Catwa mesh head (6 tones) -one new Skin body for EVE (in 6 tones)

Hair base

New Hair base for EVE’olution Mesh head


LIMITED TIME OFFER Hello I’m really happy to purpose you this Hud of animation for EVE’olution mesh head BENTO