Alien Xenomorph Mesh Body & Head

It’s with a great pleasure i present you my last creation…
An Alien Mesh Body & Head Bento

Released already:

I show you my process video ^^





NEW EVE’Olution Mesh Head BOM

It’s with a great plaisur i present you 4 new mesh Head EVE’Olution Bento/BOM


New Skins space for EVE

I’m happy to present you the new space of Skin at EVE shop




you can found:

– 4 skins body to according tones of skin / DeeTalez / TheSkinnery / It Girls / YS&YS

-one new skin compatible EVE and Catwa mesh head (6 tones)

AfficheIKA for EVE et catwa .jpg

-one new Skin body for EVE (in 6 tones)

Affiche eve skin body v2.jpg

NEW Mesh Head




NEW Head mesh & teeth mesh prim
– 2 Head mesh ( one mouth close & one mouth open )
– 2 Mesh teeth
– alpha layers
– Hud to resize and move teeth for better result
**The teeth are compatible with Classic avatar Second life too

Compatible EVE Mesh body
Compatible Hud make up EVE
Compatible Skin applier EVE

AND one version SL face:

EVE-teeth-SL-face vesion 2
teeth mesh prim
includes three alpha layers & Hud to resize and move teeth for better result
**This is a version for Classic avatar Second life
**Compatible EVE MEsh body with SL face or complet avi SL

EVE-teeth-SL-face vesion 3