* Mesh body: EVE pulpy * Skin applier body: ZOUL CREATION *Skin: SL face, ZOUL CREATION – Della sk2 *Fashion: Alicia — soon * Shoes: :)(: Bibi Leather Ballet Heels * jewelry: [MANDALA] KYARA_Jewelry set_Sunrise *Hair: Analog Dog, ashbury nutella * Eyes: IKON Sovereign Grey *Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth Realistic  

Bibi :)(:

EVE in pointy feet… Shoes: pixelfashion :)(: Bibi Leather Ballet Heels – All Color- EVE :)(: Nipple Chain Gold – Eve Pulpy :)(: The Dark Pleasures Mask – All colors Body: EVE Pulpy ( mesh body )  

NEW Mesh Head

NEW Head mesh & teeth mesh prim includes: – 2 Head mesh ( one mouth close & one mouth open ) – 2 Mesh teeth – alpha layers – Hud to resize and move teeth for better result **The teeth are compatible with Classic avatar Second life too Compatible EVE Mesh body Compatible Hud make…

Spider web dress

Dress: *!* EVE Spider-web Dress Nail Polish:  *!* EVE nail applier -BLOODY- Mesh body: *!* EVE Pulpy // complete avi fittedmesh \\ updated-V8 Shoes:  :)(: Spider Pumps – 4 Colors – :)(: Pixelfashion Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Casey Mesh Hair – Dark flame Skin on SL face: [theSkinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee) Skin on EVE body:…


Body: EVE Slim version Dress: Malefic EVE Dress “for all version Pulpy & Slim “ Shoes  :)(:  Lady Pumps – 28   Pixelfashion Skin “on SL face” Zoul Creation  Joan sk2 – br brow Make-up “on SL face” Zoul Creation Skin Body for EVE: original skin EVE Vani Jewelery: necklace [MANDALA]Pearl Rain set season 2/MAPLE…

Slavia for EVE

Body: EVE Slim version ” Vani “ Shoes  :)(: Slavia Shoes – All Colors –  Pixelfashion Skin “on SL face” Zoul  Joan sk2 – br brow Skin Body for EVE: Charme & séduction Applier EVEMESH Medium Juste box C&Sy box Jewelery: necklace [MANDALA]Pearl Rain set season 2/MAPLE BLACK Jewelery: [MANDALA] PEARL RAIN 2 Bracelet /MAPLE Hair: [RA]…


Body: EVE Slim version ” Vani “ Shoes  :)(:  Lady Pumps – 28 Colors Pixelfashion Fashion: Autumn Forest Fairy Boudoir Decor: Wearable Autumn Fairy Throne Boudoir Skin “on SL face” Zoul  Joan sk2 – br brow Jewelery: necklace [MANDALA]KYARA_Jewelry set_Sunrise Jewelery: [MANDALA]KYARA_Bangle set_Marrakesh Hair: [RA] Lilly all color set

Kaina for EVE

Body: EVE Slim version ” Vani “ Fashion:  :)(: Kaina Leather set ( Mini Skirt & Top) Pixelfashion Masque: :)(: The Dark Pleasures Mask – RLV Shoes: :)(: Kaina Boots Mesh – All Colors by :)(: Pixelfashion Skin “on SL face” Zoul  Joan sk2 – br brow Jewelery:  [MANDALA] Omochi Hair: [RA] Lilly Ombres

EVE V8.3 are available

great news!!  EVE are already updated and loaded on my server   for received your new version, just wear your HUD 3.3 What new: => v8.3 <= -75 options alpha ( for better experience with fashion mesh classic) – compatible hand slink – hand look better – neck pro integrate – better color piker definition with…