EVEolution Chris Androgynous

EVEolution Chris Androgynous style

This is a special model For EVE & EVEboy Androgyn

Skin Chris include i 6 tones (with Eyebrow an without )
+ 2 other skins classique of EVE



New Skins space for EVE

I’m happy to present you the new space of Skin at EVE shop



Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Absolut%20Creation/121/248/33

you can found:

– 4 skins body to according tones of skin / DeeTalez / TheSkinnery / It Girls / YS&YS

-one new skin compatible EVE and Catwa mesh head (6 tones)

AfficheIKA for EVE et catwa .jpg

-one new Skin body for EVE (in 6 tones)

Affiche eve skin body v2.jpg

Spider web dress

EVE-spider-web dress

Dress: *!* EVE Spider-web Dress

Nail Polish:  *!* EVE nail applier -BLOODY-

Mesh body: *!* EVE Pulpy // complete avi fittedmesh \\ updated-V8

Shoes:  :)(: Spider Pumps – 4 Colors – :)(: Pixelfashion

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Casey Mesh Hair – Dark flame

Skin on SL face: [theSkinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee)

Skin on EVE body: Sallie skin “Kriss”

Jewelery: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain set season & [MANDALA] PEARL RAIN 2 Bracelet

EVE-spider-web dress -3

EVE-spider-web dress -2

EVE-spider-web dress -4