– EVE-8.3

Applier EVE 8.3

EVE Hud info

EVE Hud info-2

How to use the new HUD EVE 8.3


How to use the Omega System on EVE 8.3 only


How to create Skin for EVE 8.3

=How to use appliers=
-Rez your HUD-applier
-unlink it
-clique right on the button and go to the content
-put your texture head in the content “if you want do only a applier for body without head,  juste click on the button to skip this step!
-put your texture Upper in the content
-put your texture lower in the content
– one menu  invite you to a web page “clique on this link”
-on the web-page: copy all the web page and coming back to SL viewer.
in the content of the HUD-applier, create a new script ” name it like you want”, open the new script and remove all text inside and past the copy from web.
-change the permission of your script and change the permission of the HUD-applier
-It’s FINISH 😉 you can use or sell your applier…


How to adapted nipples Skin on EVE


Config applier for EVE avatar simple version 8.3


Config applier for EVE avatar multiple version 8.3


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