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  1. hillbilly souther says:

    I love my eve. What I would really love are flat feet.

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    1. Buns63 says:

      If I only could get more flexible Alpha options, so i could wear my corsets and other mesh wear I spent a fortune on before i found Eve. I would be very happy indeed.
      One suggestions could be to create a number of alpha HUDs with different options, instead of having one super alpha with millions of options. This is probably a silly suggestion though since i haven’t the faintest idea how these things work. 🙂
      I also miss the option of opening and closing my mouth in a similar fashion as my sl head is capable of.
      I love my Eve xxxx


  2. I want the original heads as an update . They are too beautifull to stop using.

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  3. Ariana Blackheart says:

    perhaps add an underwear layer for clothing, and some additions to the body (add ons that can be bought) of nipple rings and such.

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  4. Emerald Oakleaf says:

    I love this body too … More clothing layers and flat feet please !!

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  5. At least one more body layer would be helpful for tattoos or underwear. As it is now, if the clothing has multiple options, I need to layer the appliers during the creation process. The deshabillez-moi HUD helps some.

    I would also like to be able to ‘apply’ my own alpha, similar to the clothing applier. So if I sell mesh, I can include a preset alpha for it. (actually, I would like to have the flexibi

    A little more refinement to the alpha in the breast would be helpful. Plunging necklines are a problem as the alpha runs horizontally.

    I still create using the Eve HUD – I think it is wonderful! Maybe combining the deshabillez-moi HUD with that will give more options to change specific parts of the clothing.

    Teach me how to rig gowns! (not really – I can weight everything but gowns ok – but the legs are impossible)

    Eve remains the best body out there – I am sure any refinements will make it even better, thanks for all that you do.

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  6. zoe says:

    peut être des épaules plus collées au buste ça ce voit surtout quand les épaules sont pas trop musclées pour la slim ? sinon elle déjà trés bien et la dernière tête 3b , 3c est superbe


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  7. Zubaida Naidoo (Zuby Gloom) says:

    Hello Ginger,
    i really love the EVE body but if you could add a new layer to use for underwear, body oil, body sweat or something else, would be great. Also mid and flat feet and some different pose for hands will help to make the EVE mesh body one of the most complete and beautiful mesh bodies in SL
    Zuby Gloom

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  8. Omegarama says:

    moi j’aimerais une tête avec un hud expression, un alpha plus précis autour des mamelons, des épaules plus ” réalistes “, une shape femme enceinte avec les habits qui s’adaptent, des skins pour tous les ages. Voilà Noël lol

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  9. Raven Page says:

    I would like to see a little different shape on the nails so if you create a diagonal line on the texture it will show up correctly on the nails.

    Fit mesh so customizing your look would be easier. This might eliminate the necessity of pulpy and slim? or maybe add a new version in addition to pulpy and slim. 🙂

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    1. CuteSexyCool says:

      Eve is fitted mesh….

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  10. I second the idea for several foot options – that will work with shoes for Slink Med and Flat – the Slink compatibility is important

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  11. linda Foodiboo says:

    multilayers for appliers (tattoo, underwear and clothes), more Alpha sections on the body especially on the bottom and on the bra….and Ginger for President!!!!!

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  12. BJ MacIntyre says:

    more fp mesh clothing, especially to match what is available for classic avatars, with add on packages… flexi’s etc. AND an Adam avatar!

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    1. BJ MacIntyre says:

      OH! and some casual wear… sweaters, cargo pants… coats…

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  13. Sugar Lamplight says:

    I agree with BJ. A male avatar would be nice. No one makes much for the poor guys in SL. Also, an alpha applier with a slider adjustment like we have for SL body adjustments would be handy. It’d be great to be able to adjust the alpha layer for individual clothing items.

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  14. Typhaine says:

    Flat feet, but I know it’s work in progress. Another layer maybe too. If ever possible, make those layers invisible (the aura around the body).

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    1. make those layers invisible (the aura around the body)
      yes this is not a bad idea !!!

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  15. Kara Starflare says:

    I would love to have another Layer for Tattoo’s. I would also like to be able to hide the nipples since they poke thru some of the mesh gowns. More shoes for the eve feet would be nice too. I do love my EVE!!!

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  16. MoonlighthQueen says:

    Ciao ! Aggiungere altri tagli Alpha seno cosce e ass, potere eliminare solo capezzolo. Ho visto che altre hanno scritto importante possibilita’ di layers diversi per tattoo ed intimo . Skin applier che abbiano ombre e pieghe naturali , ho comprato vari skin appliers ma vedo il colore ” piatto, fermo” che non crea nessun movimento,al corpo Bello aggiungere piercing a nipples e clit. 😉 😉 Buon lavoro

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  17. Mercedes says:

    I really love Eve, it is different then all other Mesh Bodies. The Faces (Heads) have their own personality, i would like an update too, with emotes, teeth and tongue. Flat and Mid feet would be awesome and a big jump towards the competition! Also i am not Fan of “Standard” sizes, it would be nice if it would be easier to wear common Mesh Clothes as well. Thank you for EVE, she is a pretty Doll ♥

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  18. myrrlytton says:

    Merci pour ce superbe body.
    J’aimerais pouvoir choisir la position des pieds (“plats” ou sur la pointe) avec le HUD ainsi que des Shorts jeans fitted mesh avec bords des jambes roulés ainsi que des jeans avec bords roulés en fitted mesh…
    Des souliers autres que des hauts talons seraient aussi les bienvenus.
    Merci d’avance

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  19. Marianne Qunhua says:

    Bonjour Ginger et à tous

    Bien sur, comme nombreuses fans d’EVE, des pieds à plat, plusieurs couches de vêtements au moins couche Tattoo et couche vêtement, l’idéal serait 3 couches au total. Peut être plusieurs positions de mains. Régler un soucis aux épaules quand on lève les bras. Sinon c’est un magnifique Body je ne le quitte plus. et je n’aime définitivement pas les Slink !(mains et pieds). lol

    J’ai créé un groupe pour justement recenser les demandes, les remarques, questions pour Ginger et aider les personnes ayant des petits soucis d’ajustages etc. ou simplement qui s’interrogent comment ça fonctionne.

    In Game, Girls of EVE (les filles d’EVE) secondlife:///app/group/453e4fa2-569b-2d3e-852f-877cc25633a7/about
    Désolée si ce n’est pas l’endroit.

    Merci pour tout Ginger.
    Pour pasticher une Pub : j’en ai rêvé, Ginger l’a fait.

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    1. Typhaine says:

      Je rejoindrai le groupe assez rapidement 🙂

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  20. Ruth Coakes says:

    I love each and one of the current features, although we continue to be limited in the type of fashion we can wear. I will like to see more options and don’t require the HUD, sometimes is very difficult to use them for whatever change in the run one wants to make. I think the latest HUD you gave us should be added to the main EVE HUD, less HUD’s to handle around. On the fashion issue, personally I will like to see more dresses that have flexi parts. I hope you will release options like the initial appliers, HUD’s are practically but very limited as to the parts that can be added for a piece of fashion. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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  21. Kristel Secondlife says:

    Other clothing layers, especially on the top, which does not look like a tattoo, I mean stretched between the nipples, not sticked like old-style printed clothings because printed tops look very bad with the current top layer.

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  22. Stephie Benoir says:

    More alpha segments in the hud. Some of them are too big and could do with being cut in half or more.

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  23. Oma Larnia says:

    Yes I agree, make more options for the chest alpha, I have low cut dress and with high back but I can not wear it with the current alpha system. Also for the skin please add an option to fine tune the color tones using a color picker, sometimes the tone just needs a slight adjustment and I would like this option. Also a color picker could help us with Fantasy Skin tones and allow us to be a little wild sometimes.

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    1. Svenia Heartsdale says:

      Yes I agree also. More alpha options would be wonderful. It’s a beautiful mesh body and I love it.


  24. Dear Ginger, thank you for beeing a blogger for this wonderful EVE. I love this body very much. Please make more heads with a nice smokey eye make up and with hairbases. For the body, more layers, to use a tattoo under. And a more Alpha segments for the chest. And many users are roleplayers, would be nice to find more Fantasy clothes (maybe for Gor too). I wish you a great 2015, Ginger. ❤

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  25. Mindolyn Resident says:

    Thank you for such a gorgeous body!!
    I was wondering if it could be made a bit more fluid? I love the pulpy body very much, but I’d like to be able to easily make her more chubby with fuller hips. 🙂 Thanks again!! I’ll never seek another body!


  26. I would love Eve had a little smaller head, when i compare with my normal avatar it is much bigger
    Eve is an amazing avatar and future of SL
    Congrats Ginger! Skins are on their way 🙂


  27. Svenia Heartsdale says:

    1. Fine tune the alpha layers on the hud. There are so many clothing options out there that could be used if some of the larger alphas on the hud were divided.

    For example, the large alphas that cover the upper thigh or back of the butt. Divide them in half to fit shorts. Or the breasts, make more options for V-neck clothing. And make an alpha around the nipple area. For those mesh items that would fit perfectly if only those nipples didn’t stick through.

    2. An option to use Flat feet would be nice.

    3. Make the color chart for make-up the same as the current one for nails. That would give us the option to tint our lips.


  28. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    multiple clothing layers would be good and more choices for feet, like flat, medium and high

    the alpha layers, especially on the top half, do not line up well with a lot of mesh clothes that were not made particularly for EVE.. the alpha choices on the back should be, maybe, smaller to give more variety

    I would love to be able to wear any designer’s mesh clothes with EVE.. I have spent many hundreds of thousands of Linden $ for clothes and would love to use them with the shape that I like

    I have noticed a problem with Omega applier clothes.. after applying a clothing layer to the legs with Omega, holes appear on the upper thighs when the avatar moves.. the skin shows through in several places.. this really needs to be addressed by someone.. I bought applier clothes with Omega system for EVE and cannot use them

    overall, I am happy with the EVE shape, it is more attractive to me than TMP, Belleza or the new Maitreya shape but it would be nice if I could wear my favorite mesh clothes.. personally, I think that Maitreya is the one to watch.. she addresses the project very business like.. her mesh shape is not too expensive ($L2500) and offers a lot of variety, including 3 level feet and a website application form for designers who need appliers

    I prefer elegant, lady like clothes.. I do not use EVE as much as I would like because most mesh clothes made for EVE make me look like a ‘lady of the night’


  29. tenyari says:

    As others have said, flat feet, and make the aura around the body go away (use the ‘default transparent texture’ for it – as well as setting it to transparency 100. I think that will get rid of it).

    Make the body Mod – and we can fix texture things like this on our own, as well as do things like blend a color with a texture for a unique look.

    Fix the breast physics. Right now the cleavage in between moves as well as the breasts when physics is high enough for a lot of motion.

    The shape of the clitoris is a little strange.


    1. i know transparency ETC… and EVE are already modify 🙂

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  30. Nora Vanderpoole says:

    While I love the Eve mesh and really wouldn’t wear anything else there are some improvements I can suggest.

    The main things I would like to see in future updates would be blinking eyes, improved physics improved texture options

    With the physics I would like to see the lower physics isolated to the buttocks. The way it moves the entire pelvic area is not realistic and makes the use of mesh genitalia problematic.

    A Eve specific and realistically optioned female genitalia would be nice either as an attachment or built in to the body mesh.

    More layers for HUD appliers would also be a nice feature.

    If a texture layer could be made specifically for tattoos that would be awesome. Specifically a upper body UV map that allows for different textures to be applied to each arm. When designing tattoos for avatars people often want and request different tattoos on each arm or a tattoo on jus one arm. A special UV map that separates the arms would allow for each arm to be textured individually.

    Really more layers for the mesh would allow for a lot more personalization and customizing possibilities for designers and the end user.


  31. Daisy says:

    I am in love with the EVE body. It was a gift and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s amazing. The only thing I’d really like is a bit more flexibility with some kind of clothing layering. Because you can only have one thing up top and one below, it really limits the options of wearing tattoos, markings, or even shirts and jacket combos, or being able to decide to wear/not wear socks and things. Having that added to the usability of the body would be absolutely fabulous!


  32. Margot says:

    I think hands and feet would be a great improvement !

    bisous à tous

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  33. Typhaine says:

    For us who like to design, more layers in the PSD. With only divide lines on one, colored strides to match alpha cuts.

    This openness to comments on future improvements is already a breeze ! Thank you Ginger


  34. hillbilly souther says:

    I think eve avatar is awesome. I do however think my vagina is sloppy and ugly. I dont want to put on one such as xcite. On the other hand the orginal vagina is not good. Not sure this can be improved. In the end evemesh is great


  35. Better ability to use alphas for more Mesh Fits. Fp Biker Vest. The Ability to use eve in Blender. Layers for cloths and Tattoos would be awesome. The ability to order and pay for a custom face


  36. hillbilly souther says:

    I would like the eve vagina to look nicer. 😛


    1. hillbilly souther says:

      oops was not sure my other suggestion took. i am sorry for reposting the same thing…


  37. Peggy Fischer says:

    I agree with Hilly, the vagina could be a bit more pretty , but i’ll really like to see more alpha options for the breasts, like nipple / areola area and possibly a nipple ring that moves with the breasts..grins


  38. Stephie Benoir says:

    Something else I would to add… built in Omega Listeners, like G.Inc Perfect Body. I know it’s no problem to add it yourself but it might make EVE more appealing to people considering getting a mesh body if they can simply unpack the box, wear the body and use the appliers they may already have.

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  39. sarah grot says:

    i just want more skin appliers ,,and the flat feet option would be nice


  40. Zinnia Lauda says:

    Happy New Year Ginger!!!! I would like to request Nipple options!! Sometimes I feel like I want to use puffy or flat, depends on my mood… lol. Well, I’m not into Lolas anymore but I miss that feature. Also the Omega Listener will help people to use your body. I’m gonna start to make my skins with Omega System because there are so much mesh bodies this days. However I love my EVE! ^^ Get a big warm hug darling!!!!!

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  41. future says:

    a totally modify head, a Hud w micro alpha separated left and right in bot sides front and back


  42. Kristel Secondlife says:

    Something nice would be that you pay a little bit more attention to the slim version of your fullperm clothes. Besides one of the free fashion kit, two non-free ones had some issues. I believed because of our emails that that was due to some change in the past in the slim version. If in the future you change again one of the two versions slim or pulpy, do not forget to update your fullperm clothes. Or don’t do it.


  43. Erik Deledda says:

    The biggest peeves I have (Slim Body, may apply to other as well):

    1. Nipples need to be able to be optionally flattened to the general breast shape (maybe even overflatened a little.) Hideable region for the aureola and nipple would be nice too (maybe as two separate areas.) This is really needed for use with unrigged mesh clothes to play nicer.
    2. Belly button rings drift in relation to the body. Some attention to the weighting needs to be given to this region to make it track the attachment points properly. It would be nice if they dipped in a little too.
    3. Neck join is really obvious if you use the bodyfat slider. The neckblender actually makes it worse too.
    4. It’d be nice if there was a layer (or a seperately purchasable “clothing item” that gave a person an underwear layer with some degree of mono-boob.) Sometimes I want clothes that look tight and not clingy. The point would be it should respond to appliers one way or another. This would mimic the one handy feature I liked on Lolas.
    5. (very minor) Seams are slightly visible at times (a few pixels on the edges if anti-aliasing is disabled), not sure if this is fixable.

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  44. Julianna says:

    Well i love EVE both Pulpy & Slim however the Pulpy needs a update like the slim, such as, the torso needs to be redone upper body gets to big when using dials on boobs the boobs should get fuller as well and more round not long, and the butt is shaped wrong it should be round when using the dials not long but fuller when getting bigger,

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  45. Julianna says:

    P.S. 🙂 the bounce on the boobs are fine but on the booty the crotch & booty bounces the front of her should not be moving when the booty bounce…..


  46. Rhage says:

    I would love a gray scaling option for the body toning (the parts that tone the body) as I have a pale skin with a hint of grey to it and the toning comes off as very orange when made pale aka on the sides and under the arms of the body and knees in particular. I would also love for there to be included a notecard with directions or pointers to clothing options for noobs such as myself who struggled for quite a while (and there are barely anyone in my horde who has mesh bodies yet to ask for help). Tattoo layers would be amazing as I have yet to figure out how to put my tattoo back on with this body. Also a black strapless bra and a thong would be a very nice addition to the starter kit for first buyers as then they won’t have to hide in the nude in their confusion of how to add clothing, hehe. If any of these changes are put in I would definitely stick to it. As a person who relate to pale avatars it almost seems I have to go for a darker skin tone for now which isn’t ideal but I do love the slim body with my shape.


  47. JasmineLannockEasterwood Ordinary says:

    I love EVE wish there was an option in the hud to make it so your not showing nipple or looke like you have a T H O all the time but i love your product thats my only complaint


  48. Pei Pierdahll says:

    EVE is overall the best combination of answers to a curvy girl’s prayers; what a lovely doll she is. Thank you Ginger for continually improving her! I suggest:

    1. Same layers as system bodies have.. tattoo, undershirt/underpant, shirt/pant, and Jacket (grr long shirts take off my pants!)
    2. Omega listener built in
    3. A spot on the wrists and ankles unrigged so that they stay same size (like Maitreya Lara does) so Slink Feet and Hands will always fit.
    4. Flat feet and
    5. Eve feet that are sized/shaped/positioned to fit Slink Rigged Shoes
    or both 🙂
    6. Deshabillez-moi HUD incorporated into main Eve HUD
    7. Smaller, smoother alpha pieces on HUD (the shapes alpha-out sharp, oddly shaped chunks).
    (I like Buns63’s suggestion.. maybe separate, dedicated alpha HUDs, i.e. “Gown HUD,” “Lingerie/Swimwear HUD,” “Skirts/Shorts HUD,” “Boots HUD,” etc. that address certain “types” of shapes of chunks)
    8. Alpha HUD bit to definitely add: nipple-hide!
    8. Fix clipping of skin layer through clothing layer – this happens even without Omega
    9. A skirt-panel layer (like the Lena mesh body has), and maybe a breast-panel layer would be awesome. They might work sort of like pantyhose layers do with feet, covering all toes.

    Keep up the great work! Best body available.


  49. Trixie Abonwood says:

    I love my Eve! I’d like to suggest adaptive feet for Slink Mid and more alpha layers, specifically in the leg and butt areas. Please keep up the great work!


  50. trixiepants says:

    Oh! I’d also LOVE it if you kept all 3 layers ❤


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