ADAM update V2.1

I currently Send to all of you and update of ADAM mesh body V2.1
Don’t worry this update can taking two or tree day to coming to you. (a really important number of box must be send)
please do not contact me for i send you one, I invite you to be patient or use the redelivery terminal

What new in the V2.1:

  •  Now you have two Body 🙂 The Adam original and one with Chest Slim
  • New Skin Body
  • Complexity optimization
  • Optimization UV in Fashion layer
  • And some debug of Script

You Know, I do all my best and I want Always give you more.
I invite you, if is not done, to take a short time for a small review on marketplace.
this is the best way to encourage me to work even more for you.
If you want more products, I invite you to contact your favorite Creators and require them products for EVE & ADAM

ADAM marketplace

EVE marketplace

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Ginger RezDay 12

Welcome to the Ginger RezDay ’12 years SL”

On the 12 January 2019 at Absolut Creaton
12h30 PM SLT (21h30 FR)

Many gifts From Ayiky Takakura, Jean of MarinaBay And Ginger Chevalier 🙂

and the EVE Mesh body for FREE ( EVErybody Version)