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Eve Winter Corset

Someone commented to me the other day that they refused to try mesh bodies because they felt having a mesh body would make them ‘the same as everyone else’, and I must admit this stumped me a little. In SL, we now have more variety than ever in terms of bodies, butts, breasts, hands, feet etc. In fact, given an endless money supply (yes please!) there would be infinite combinations of mesh parts that one could use to create a body – how could someone say that is making everyone ‘the same’? After all, we all had the same system body before mesh… were we exactly the same then? Maybe we were in some people’s eyes, but my point is simple – given the choice we have now, of so many mesh bodies that offer different shaping, size, hands, feet and general body types – how can mesh possibly make us…

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NEW Mesh Head




NEW Head mesh & teeth mesh prim
– 2 Head mesh ( one mouth close & one mouth open )
– 2 Mesh teeth
– alpha layers
– Hud to resize and move teeth for better result
**The teeth are compatible with Classic avatar Second life too

Compatible EVE Mesh body
Compatible Hud make up EVE
Compatible Skin applier EVE


AND one version SL face:

EVE-teeth-SL-face vesion 2
teeth mesh prim
includes three alpha layers & Hud to resize and move teeth for better result
**This is a version for Classic avatar Second life
**Compatible EVE MEsh body with SL face or complet avi SL


EVE-teeth-SL-face vesion 3


She's got the look!

Meaning of the word: a girl swinging on a swing, hence swingster, nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes I just make words up 😛 I love the poses that Kirsty created with the swing, you can check it out at We ❤ Roleplay. Amandine from Pixelfashion asked me to try out the Eve mesh body by Ginger Chevalier because she created shoes and clothes to fit. I must say that I was very suprised by the look of this body, very natural. The clothes and boots fit this body perfectly. I could not find many skin appliers for this body (yet) so I just went with the standard skins that come with it and they look very nice, one worked with the SK shade of my Belleza face. But you just got to try it and see if it’s your taste. Happy shopping! ❤


PF copy


Skin: -Belleza- Grace SK. (On face)

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