• Regular head
  • Bento Head

Thank to Strawberry Singh for this wonderful  Video


  • Animations

Actually some animations are include in the pack and i working to do more soon as possible



  • Neck

How to use Neck tattoo  (between ADAM body to SL face) in ADAM pack you have some Tattoo just wear the number corresponding to the Skin body)

  • Neck joint mesh
  • I show you quickly how to use the neck joint possibility (some time creators of you skin applier do here applier with according neck joint texture)


  • EYES

Replace your Mesh Eyes With Head Bento version (in this example i use IKON EYES (NON Bento Eyes)


Replace your EVE on Non Bento head

//Video by ginger chevalier  © All right reverser Ginger Chevalier//