Mesh developers ©

Hello All 🙂

  Pre- Registration

“Blender EVE mesh body files for designers”

ATTENTION remember!!! it’s not a FREE product i do not send this file to anybody! it’s a file under copyright and it’s only for working

I send actually the V9 of EVE mesh body

You are Mesh Designer? You want Create Mesh for EVE or ADAM ?

Thank you to complete the Form.

we open the authorization for creator full-perm only after authorization specific by Ginger Chevalier!


All applications are considered and checked before we send Files

(Sorry but i do not send the blender file if you just  imagine start a new business, if you have not marketplace shop, if you not create already fashion mesh, or just  for your personal use )


To complement this form you sign the Tos: by becoming creator mesh for EVE & ADAM you accept the copyright, do not give the file has of other persons, do not import the mesh body in game or in part


To use correctly the file, you must know and use  AVASTAR from Machimatrix

Sans titre-1

You must know Blender 2.70++ and fitted rigging  (I’M so sorry but I can’t teach you 😉 I have not time for this …)

The version of Blender and machimatrix I use for V9 are Blender 2.79 and Avastar 2.1.1

anyway I have do a video (ti is a previous version  video 🙂 




3 thoughts on “Mesh developers ©

  1. Hi. I’m pretty new but love everything about what you put out from clothing to tutorials.

    I’m just starting to learn from you but I feel good about what is to come.

    P.S. I’m also French-American ! 😉


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