Mesh Skin Test

How to use the mesh head test (for skin creation only, I wish add soon an option for Makeup designer too)

In the new version of the “Kit Applier EVE’olution mesh Head” i purpose a mesh head for test your textures easily

kit EVE-Olution-2b



No Test Grid required and No Upload Fees!
Instant refresh texture right from your PC file once you click save «Overwrite or Replace» on Graphic program!
You do not upload every-time to update your file!

1-Wear the heat Model test or rez it

2-Click right and choose Edit

3-go to texture tab
and click texture square

4-select LOCAL

5- click Add button
and choose the texture from your PC.

6-select your texture and click OK

this texture is temporary and no body will see it, only you.
No Upload Fees  for this.
9- The texture will be updated every time you over write on it.
just click save from photoshop come to SL and see it refreshed already by itself.
You can upload only your final version, and create your Applier


I invite you to add the keyword ” EVEmesh ” or ” ADAMmesh ” in one word in your hot-key  marketplace- in this way customers can found your product more easily