Create Applier Skin

TUTO Create Skin applier (8.4) (version simple)

  1. Create a prim
  2. Put the “[EVE] Encryptor” in the content
  3. If you want create one hud with X button, I invite you to do all time a copy from this first prim 🙂
  4. Click on this prim
  5.  follow information on the menu and choose what you want create [Skin] [Makeup] [Nails] (in this example we do SKIN)
  6. Now you can choose if you do a applier with [Upper&Lower] on the same button,  [All] for upper-Lower&head Or just [Head] –  [Upper][Lower] on a separated button (in this example we do Upper)
  7. after click on the [Upper] menu button, Drop your texture “upper body” to the content of this prim.
  8.  A new Blue window ask if you want add Specular or No (if you don’t know, just click NO)
  9. A new Blue window ask if you want add Hand (if you don’t know, just click NO) you can use SL hand texture or Slink hand texture. In the Lower skin creation you have the same way but with feet. for feet you must use texture adapted for Slink feet!
  10. A new Blue window invite you to go on the website page 🙂 Please Use the external navigator like firefox or chrome Etc… (if for any reason you have a Error message, test with a other navigator)
  11. Now you must copy this script (CTRL +A) for select all (CTRL +C) for copy — your script must be like this:
  12. Now coming back in SL and create a script IN YOUR INVENTORY, Open the new script, remove all in this page and past your new copy from the web!
    Create  like this all script you want for your applier!
    EXEMPLE: 5 uppers with different cleavage or different nipples  in different tones Etc…
  13. When you have finish all your own script! create a prim  for the “root” of your hud and X littles prims for make button of your Hud
  14.  put you own script in all of your button (one button = one script) (if you have 2 upper and 2 lower you must have 4 script in 4 button)
  15. Put the –*BoSH*[EVE] Applier– Script in the root of the Hud


** Kit-Applier-skin are at EVE-shop and on the marketplace

And i give you one PSD for see all limit UV foryour creation makeup

Download HERE


UV for the body HERE




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