What you want?

EVE what you want

What you want for the future update

Discussion, idea are open here 😉

thank for your participation ……..

131 thoughts on “What you want?

  1. I am rally happy with the adam boy. Only problem I am having is trying to find clothes that fit. Hoping you will come out with some more fullperms like differant shirts, pants and such. I would get them just to make my owne clothes for myself. Not really interested in selling them. Would just like to make unique clothes for myself. As mentioned about the alphas would like to see that divided up more.

    Keep up the great work you have an awesome product here, I will definately recommend adam body to any guy looking for a mesh body.


  2. Love the Adam mesh head. it is the only mesh head i found in SL for men that allows for more of a natural look. With that said I would really like to have some facial expression options. Asking for expressions is a lot but even just a couple options for smile, frown, and mouth open would go a long way in usability..


  3. It would be great if that under water white bug could be done with a auto feature so that you dont have to change it every time you go under the water.


  4. More alpha ability. Open shirts can not have neck and some pecs alphas due to it bleeding over into the open area. More Alpha on wrists so they do not bleed through most sleeves.


  5. I would love to see more alpha slices on the body. I love the Eve avatar but sadly I often have to switch to the Maitreya to be able to wear certain things 😦 Will we see an update with more slices to the alpha?


  6. I would love to have an option to create some settings for automaticly changing of some animations of the EVE’olution head.

    Ginger, do you see a change to include this to the hud?


  7. Most clothings for the body are looking similar. So I wish there would be more mesh designers. Is there a chance to get EVE support of some others?


  8. Hi Ginger, almost all the lips in SL look over injected and flat/smashed. What I would like is smaller and thinner lips (they can always be increased by appearance hud) but making them smaller creates problems of the upper lip jutting out or the mouth not closing properly until a skeletal reset..


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