Kit Applier Skin end makeup are updated


The Kit Applier Skin end makeup are updated

Now you  have more option for the makeup of the EVE’olution Head mesh (now you can create: Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Eyelashes, Lipstick, or Hair-base or you can do tattoo if you wish 🙂

Kit-Applier-skin are at EVE-shop and on the marketplace

And i give you one PSD for see all limit UV foryour creation makeup Download HERE


EVE’olution head mesh

I’m happy to present you the new Head for EVE her name is EVE’olution head

yes she blink eyes :))))

she have 3 skin base in 6 tone and 3 Eyebrow  ,8 hair-bases, 7 Eyeliner, 10 Eye shadow, 10 lipstick, 6 Eyelashes, all are Tintable 😉  she is compatible with EVE kit-skin and omega

This is a beta version i hope purpose amazing new option soon 😉

EVE’olution Head mesh are already Released at EVE shop
And she is at 50% OFF for beta time “Update for life”

EVE-olution Head-#1

EVE-olution Head-#3

EVE-olution Head-#2