About Omega

Found some help Omega for ADAM here.

Found Some help Omega for EVE here.

If you are designer. I invite you to working with our official applier (EVE or ADAM) 

OMEGA KIT does not support Material or Tinting Appliers and have some limitation on  ADAM & EVE.

For more option and best result we recommend to use our Official Applier (if you use official ADAM & EVE system we can add you in the official listing of supporter and you can do ADS on the SL  EVE& ADAM group your are also welcome on our Flickr pages EVE or ADAM (like this you can touch all users of our Body and head mesh, actually over 15000 customers)

found all our kit here!

**** Yes ADAM, EVE, Body & Head are compatible OMEGA but…..

Dear  customer If you have any problem with an Omega Applier you  MUST contact the creator of this applier

Omega is a global system he is not a system specifically for this body or head,

Omega is an alternative system only. If you want a perfect result you must contact “the creator” to request an official applier!

We can’t loose our time to resolve problems concerning Omega

We can give information when it’s possible

But this group is not for advertising for omega applier (because Omega are not a official product from Absolut Creation).

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