ADAM help EN

What we have in the ADAM pack:


  • Complete mesh body fitted ( hand & feet)  [feet are compatible Slink shoes]
  • Two Body (one large chest and one Slim chest)
  • Bento [ hands are compatible Vista jewelry and animations]
  • 8 Hand pose Right
  • 8 Hand pose Left
  • Over 150 Alpha
  • 10 Alpha preset
  • Save 50 of your favorite alpha preset
  • Layer Skin Tattoo & Fashion
  • Mesh fashion, ” pant, t-shirt, jacket, shoes”
  • 6 neck sizes
  • 2 skin in 11 tones
  • color option and specular
  • And much more ….

*HEAD are not include


ADAM & EVE are Jewelry Vista compatible.jpg

For wear ADAM you must use an complete alpha, or a body alpha if you wish keep your SL shape head.

For configure your ADAM like you want, it is necessary wear the HUD called (*!* HUD ADAM).
In this Hud you have different Tab option ( Layer – Alpha – Skin – add-on ).

On the skin tab you can :
– Change your skin texture
– Change the texture of the neck-joint
– Change the color fo your skin, nails, toenails, neck-joint
– You can save your preset color
– Change your specular (if you use high configuration lighting mod in you graphics preference)
– And your have some preset texture for your nails and toenails.

On the Alpha tab you can :
– Remove many part of the body (for wear more easily  mesh fashion)
– Save 99 of your favorites alpha preset
– active or unactivated the auto-high alpha (auto-high are a option in some fashion mesh for remove directly for you the appropriate alpha zone)

On the layer tab you can :
– active any layer – Fashion – Tattoo “completely or part per part”.
– Switch your layer Masking or blending For debug overlay layer transparency (working only if layer is On)

INFO for a good result, if you put a layer OFF, Make sure to put this layer in masking mode! like this your have not bug with other layer transparency.

On the Add-on tab you can :
– Choose the hand pose you want  right and lift we purpose you 8 poses
– Choose the neck size you want




What new in the V2.1:
* Now you have two Body 🙂 The Adam original and on with Chest Slim
* New Skin Body
* Complexity optimization
* Optimization UV in Fashion layer

What new in the V2:
* Skin optimization
* New Bento Hands
* New Tab Add-on for use your Bento Hands
( Animation hand, Poses Hands, Option to create your own poses, and option to save your own poses )
* Jeans updated 🙂

What we have fixed in V1.4b:
*Debug Body disappear after TP
*Adding Tattoo neck for skin “B”

What we have fixed in V1.4:
*Debug Layer fashion alpha

What we have fixed in V1.3:
*Neck Tattoo Layer texture fixed

What we have fixed in V1.2:
*Better neck mesh
*Better neck texture
*New neck fix tattoo for optimize transition color between Adam mesh body and SL Head
*optimized sizes of the neck
*Fixed blur neck (better load texture)
*New option for hide the heart
*Better visual Hud in skin tab
*Optimized layer tattoo
*New morph of the jean’s pant