Kit appliers

 kit for designers available.  kit pour concepteurs disponibles.

** All Kit are FREE // Les Kit sont GRATUIT **

!!! I invite you to add the keyword ” EVEmesh ” or ” ADAMmesh ” in one word in your hot-key  marketplace- in this way customers can found your product more easily

>>>  For ADAM <<<

kit-applier head

kit auto-hide

KIT Applier & KIT Auto-hide actually available at ADAM-shop in game:


Upload your PDS for ADAM here:

PSD HEAD V2 “2018”

PSD neck

PSD Nail & Toenail

PSD Feet

PSD Niples


>>> For EVE <<<

kit-applier-EVE new.jpg
Kit Applier fashion and Tattoo  + 3 Mesh dress offer for EVE Designers at shop in game or on the marketplace

Kit Applier skin – make-up – nails on the marketplace

It’s possible for you to make skin for EVE just for the body part,
or for any part and create  more option

The Kit Applier Skin end makeup are updated !! Now you  have more option for the makeup of the EVE’olution Head mesh (now you can create: Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Eyelashes, Lipstick, or Hair-base or you can do tattoo if you wish 🙂

Kit-Applier-skin are at EVE-shop and on the marketplace

UV and texture for the body & Head HERE

uuv-body **************************************************

kit EVE-Olution-2b

New applier for create Skin and make-up for EVE’olution Mesh head

And i give you one PSD for see all limit UV for your creation makeup Download HERE

This is the new version 2018


 Upload  the UV and sample PSD of Nails and Toenails

Download HERE

 EVE for designer already on marketplace - Found Fashion mesh fullperm to start creation at shop in game and on the marketplace
 EVE-Developer-registration ---    Become mesh designers for EVE


I give you some Logo to help you on you picture creations for EVE “You can save in your computer”

_!_ Adam logo logo-adam-mesh-head
EVE-olution logo-1 eve-body skin logo-EVE