Who Is EVE

Eve & ADAM are avatar “Mesh Body” new generation for second life.

EVE-V9 difrences.jpg


What Pack & what we have in pack?

We propose tow different pack:

  • The Full-pack are for 3000L$ 2500 L$
  • The starter pack for 1690 L$ 1250L$
  • The EVEryBODY ( 250L$ only but i purpose this version only at some occasions)

What include in the full-pack:

  • 2 body mesh ( 1 Slim & 1 Pulpy )
  • Shoes from pixelfashion offer 😉
  • 4 Mesh dresses
  • Garter mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
  • Underpants Mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
  • Bra mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
  • 1 Hud for customize fashion
  • 1 Hud for customize EVE
  • Skin Applier
  • 2 shape for example.”but you can create your own shape
    EVE are Fitted so she is modifiable whit the slider appearance”(just the head are not totally modif)
  • You can wear easily Shoes, hair, jewelry, flex and other accessories
  • Wardrobe system for save your favorites applier
  • hud fashion for starting adventure

What include in the starter pack:

  • 1 body mesh ( Slim OR Pulpy )
  • 1 Hud for customize EVE
  • hud fashion for starting adventure


EVE Updated version

What new:

=> V9 <=    “BENTO Version”
Bento hands
Poses hands
Animation hands
Save preset hand poses
over 260 Alpha
Alpha for the heart
optimization of the complexity avatar (+ – 5000)
optimization script
New pussy option
now you can delete you script body
Compatible with any bento animation

=> V8.4 <=
– Now foot shape (pointy – high – flat )
– More layer ( Fashion – underwear – Tattoo )
– 100 option alpha ( more detailed breast part
– System for save 6 of your alpha preset
– More skin base
– More texture neck-joint
– New system for Specular effect  (if you use high configuration lighting mod in you graphics preference)
– New system fo color the specular
– New system For Environment effect
– Color system optimized
– new layer tab function on the HUD with switch masking/blending to debug transparency overlay
– New wardrobe system for save your favorite applier in a same place and mix it easily. (include in the full pack only)
– Replacer system (to send any layer to an author one )

-We have create on other shape foot  the “Adaptive-feet”  it’s a additional foot adapted for wear most shoes as possible proposed on the market. this feet are sell separately at shop in game and the new feet work perfectly with all option of EVE

-New applier fashion for creator with different option (basic and professional version with specular and normal map )
-New applier skin for creator (with more option for create detailed hud)

– Omega system compatible
* If you have already the OMEGA system, you not need to re-purchase
 just go to a redelivery terminal.
Redeliverys can be obtained from any caspervend
* If you have NOT purchased the kit yet, you must buy one ^^ to active the new omega system of EVE
=> v8.3 <=
– Supported by the Omega system! (just add your script EVE Omega)
-75 options alpha ( for better experience with fashion mesh classic)
– compatible hand & foot slink
– hand look better
– neck pro integrate
– better color piker definition with zoom for color your body
– 3 nails sizes integrate
– new head whit better uv experience result
– skin amelioration textures
– specular adjustable of the skin, if you use high configuration lighting mod in you graphics preferences
-Better Hud option clearly and optimized script memory for no lag!

=> v8 <=
Additional Slim version optimizing for shape creation.
Some Alpha option.
New system neck.
new script system ( uuid of texture crypted ) best security for creator of texture.
New system applier fashion.
Only two body and one head for much simplicity.
New foot
Better specular lighting.
Resolve bug shoes_shape.


EVEryBODY -.jpg

“she is a fitted mesh 100% rigged”
Eve est un avatar nouvelle génération pour second life
“elle est en fitted mesh 100% riggé”

4EVEWhat is the fitted mesh?:   Fitted Mesh is a technique in which an avatar’s collision bones are used to add further deformation detail to an avatar or clothing. The benefit of this technique is that it allows Mesh clothing and avatars to be adjusted using an avatar’s Body Shape sliders in the Appearance Editor. This results in clothing that can adjust and fit to your avatar’s own personal body shape and style.
 un fitted mesh est une technique qui utilise les  “collision bones”  pour ajouter de nouvelles déformations à un avatar ou les vêtements. L’avantage de cette technique est qu’elle permet aux “mesh”  d’être ajustée aux  formes du corps “shape”  Ce qui donne des vêtements ou des avatars ajustables en forme et style.

EVE have a modifiable shape! and she is affected by Physics and sway in response to your avatar’s movements 🙂
EVE a donc des formes modifiable! au niveau du “shape” Et elle est affectée par la physique en réponse à vos mouvements d’avatar : -)

EVE have the same UV of the classic SL avatar!  That is what this implies? We can use the textures of the classic avatar on eve! Yes Yes !!!
( i said TEXTURES ) like skin and fashion format TGA or PNG, but she can’t wear fashion in the same way of  the classic avatar ;-(  But i have a solution 😉 !!!
EVE a les mêmes UV que le classique SL avatar! qu’est ce que cela implique?  Nous pouvons utiliser les textures de l’avatar classique  sur eve ! Oui Oui !!!
( Je dit TEXTURES ) comme la peau et les vêtements format TGA ou PNG, mais elle ne peut pas porter de la même façon les vêtements de l’avatar classique l ; -(  mais j’ai une solution ; -) !!!


  •  and personnaly i creat a complette collection “fullperm” for mesh fashion for EVE
  • Et personnellement je crée une collection complète “fullperm” de vêtements mesh pour EVE

What have too our EVE ?!!Qu’est qu’ a encore de plus notre EVE ?!!
HUD for customise the make-up ! already 5 different styles.
HUD for customise our nail art 🙂
HUD for customise color skin
Etc Etc ……
HUD pour personnaliser les maquillages
HUD pour personnaliser les nail-art
HUD pour personnaliser les couleurs du skin


What have too our EVE ?!!Qu’est qu’ a encore de plus notre EVE ?!!
  she can wear all hair, jewelry, shoes like the classic avatar
Elle peux porter les cheuveux, les bijoux, les chaussures comme l’avatar classique

What have too our EVE ?!!Qu’est qu’ a encore de plus notre EVE ?!!
She is a realy nice woman !and i invit you to test the DEMO
C’est une maniffffffique femme !! une bombe! et je vous invite a venir tester la DEMO

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