What Pack & what we have in pack?

We propose tow different pack:

  • The Full-pack are for 3000L and it’s in 4 different models (Vanda, Tanya, Vani & Olie)
  • The starter pack for 1690 L (just body)

What include in the full-pack:

  • 2 body mesh ( 1 Slim & 1 Pulpy )
  • Shoes from pixelfashion offer 😉
  • 1 Model of dress mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
  • Garter mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
  • Underpants Mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
  • Bra mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
  • 1 Hud for customize fashion
  • 1 Hud for customize EVE
  • Skin Applier ( in function of the model Vanda, Tanya, Vani or Olie)
  • 1 shape for example.”but you can create your own shape
    EVE are Fitted so she is modifiable whit the slider appearance”(just the head are not totally modif)
    You can wear easily Shoes, hair, jewelry, flex and other accessories

What include in the starter pack:

  • 1 body mesh ( Slim OR Pulpy )
  • 1 Hud for customize EVE

What is the difference between “Vanda, Tanya,Vani  or Olie?

  • all  avatar body-mesh are same! the only difference are the skin and fashion set

Can I use Others Enhancement?

  •  Yes, you can use  enhancement like Slink foot or hand  or Gaeline or others (i invite you to test  all in demo  before i have not tested all )

are there also flat feet included?

  •  I do all my possible to included flat foot in the future version

Can I keep My SL face?

  • Yes, just use the “alpha” appropriate in the EVE pack and for a better result you must use the neck joint option and you can found this on the Hud of EVE available in all version

How many Layer have EVE?

  • Actually EVE are composed of tow part ” the body for The skin and one layer for fashion template ” we have do this choose for a simply reason, The Lighting occlusion problem from Linden since 2011  if you add layer with alpha on an other layer wit alpha some time on of this alpha become clear (example after a simply TP you loose one of you layer) so we have do this choose, i do all my possible to do more layer for a future update 😉

About Skin maker without head?

  • It’s possible for you to make skin for EVE just for the body part, the head are just an additional option and in generality  all customers use EVE without the Head. the new applier give you this possibility, just clique the “button” to skip the head step!

Fashion Mesh For EVE?

  • You can found many Mesh fashion for EVE on the marketplace for creators (To know all product compatible with EVE Avatar, just enter “Evemesh” in one word in the search )

Fashion Mesh For designers For EVE?

  • I propose  all time new fashion mesh addapted for EVe  for all designers, you can found them on the marketplace and In game at the Store  “EVE designers place in Absolut creation” (To know all product FULLPERM compatible with EVE Avatar, just enter “EVEfullperm” in one word in the search)

Can I create Mesh fashion For EVE?

  • Yes soon !! I working actually to make the Blender files for Mesh-maker and you can pr-registering you on this page

How create fashion template for EVE?

  • you have different appliers at you disposal for create Fashion, Skin, nails & makeup HERE.

I’m logger can i blogg EVE?

I don’t See My EVE like on the picture or Video! why?


Can i use Omega applier on EVE?

  • Yes, now EVE are compatible  to receive the OMEGA script For more information to how to use this script on EVE i invite you to have a look on this Video tuto.

The Omega working on my nail too?

  • Yes.

The Omega working on my Skin too?

  • Yes

How can i Update My EVE?

  • If one new version is on, to received it’s really simply ^^ just wear you EVE HUD and you receded automatically!

I wear my HUD but i don’t received my update of EVE what ca i do?

  • I invite you to contact me and if I’m not on-line just send me a note-card with your avatar name and your EVE model and if is possible where you have purchase EVE market place or in game  in this way i can found you easily and quickly

More EVE feet ??

  • yes now 3 feet  in the box of EVE and  2 additional pack named (adaptive) sell separated for wear all Slink shoes

I have purchase a item “fashion or other” but the bag have not all delivered to me 😦

  • If the bag have not delivered all to you please, rez the bag on the floor, clique right on it and choose open to copy all in you inventory 🙂


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